B2B Business Generation Agency

About Us

Global And Local Markets

Connecting businesses to target customers in international/cross border locations.

TECH B2B Generation

Enabling tech product and services companies to establish new business relationships in regions of interest.

Professional & Experts

Full staff capable of delivering effective, productive and measurable outcomes from digital marketing solutions.

Our Values

Service First

Team Works

Sustainable Business


our Philosophy

We believe

A powerful NETWORK is the heart of
our B2B Business Generation.


In order to make an B2B successful, you need to see the big picture.

Our professionals will provide you with an all-encompassing marketing
strategy based on the market ecosystem, with focus at competitive
landing and localization.

Strategic Tactics. Clear Solutions.
International B2B Business Generation.

Our services

We have a wide array of services to offer our clients. We offer high quality and measurable leads and conversion

Product Connector

  • Create roadshow of prospective customers.
  • Take you tech product to new international markets.
  • Key local expertise and assistance with contract negotiation.

Sales Connector

  • Full end-to-end sales solution.
  • Market segment definition.
  • Digital strategy/campaign.
  • Lead Generation.
  • Event management.
  • Meeting Diary Management.
  • Digital Toolset Management.
  • Metrics Reporting.
  • GDPR compliant telecanvassing.


  • All your GDPR compliant digital leads delivered on a weekly basis into your CRM.
  • GDPR compliant connections.
  • Follow up telecanvassing on demand.

7 Steps to Approach a New Market

Step 01
Figure out where you want to go.
Step 02
Define business objectives and targets.
Step 03
Establish specific content marketing strategy.
Step 04
Establish market presence and reputation.
Step 05
Generate leads for your sales pipeline.
Step 06
Confirm meetings with decision makers
Step 07
Track and optimize your efforts.

Contact us

Phone: + 351 932 678 996
E-mail: rogerio.meireles@marketconnectors.tech